Employed Members – FAQ

For the remittance of ETF contributions the same employer no. registered with the EPF is used.

Employers who are not registered with the EPF and who have their Private Provident Funds can obtain a Private Provident Fund no. from the ETF  & remit contributions to such no.

Providing members with membership numbers is the sole responsibility of the employer

The first employee should be given no 01.  Second employee should be given no.02 etc.

The membership no. of the employee includes the employer's EPF registration number and the employee's number.
          Eg.     Employer No. A 85000
                    Employee No. 01
                    Employee membership no. 85000/A/01

 If an employee leaves your   establishment and rejoins later it is  advisable to give him a new member   number.  If the employee has  claimed his contributions it is  mandatory  to give him a new number.

It should be noted that the same number should not be given to two employees.  In case such a mistake has taken place it is the responsibility of the employer to inform the ETF Board and get it corrected without delay.  The ETFB cannot be held responsible for such mistakes.  Employer should always quote the EPF no. in all correspondence and on the remittance forms and indicate the telephone no. if available

The name indicated in the NIC along with the NIC No. should be written clearly on every contribution return form.  If the name has been sent incorrectly a letter by the employer certifying the correct name preferably with a photocopy of the NIC should be forwarded to the relevant section indicated below at the ETF Board, Labour Secretariat, Colombo 05.

If contributions are sent on remittance form R1 and member details are sent on Form II returns every six months to Manager – Member Accounts (Larger Category)

If contributions are sent on remittance form R4 to Finance Manager –Member Accounts (Smaller category)

A letter from the employer confirming the name, old NIC number, new NIC number and the reason for change, should be sent.  In addition to this  where necessary a written confirmation from the Grama Sevaka or Registrar of Persons is required.  Since the change of NIC number is critical proper documentation should be sent along with the request.

 When applying for benefits
When applying for housing loans
When proving account balances
The NIC number held at ETF and the NIC number submitted by the member should match.

A statement is issued indicating the year end balance in the following year.


An employee is entitled to membership in the ETF from the first day of his/her employment.  It is the employers’ responsibility to  enroll  the employee in the ETF and it is also the responsibility of the employee to persuade the employer to do so.


The nature of the job is irrelevant.  All employees should be enrolled whether they are permanent, temporary, apprentice, casual or shift workers. Employees working on piece rate, contract basis, commission basis, work performed basis or any manner what so ever are eligible for membership.

Unlike EPF, member’s accounts are not amalgamated in the ETF. Members can have several accounts in the ETF and could be claimed submitting separate withdrawal forms for each employment