Self Employed Members

Employees in State Corporations, Statutory Boards and the Private Sector are required to obtain membership of the Employees Trust’ Fund Board and with the aim of providing the privileges and benefits enjoyed by them to those engaged in self employment as well, Self employed persons have been made eligible to obtain  membership of this Fund in terms of section 18 of the Employees’ Trust Fund Act.No 46 of 1980. This act while being amended as  Employees’ Trust Fund(Amended) bearing no.47,0f 1988, Employees in Migrant Workers service too were made eligible under Section 6 therein obtain membership of this Fund. Hence, persons who are employed  abroad are also eligible to get the membership.

Although, “a Self Employed person“ is not  defined as such, Common examples for Self Employed persons are given below.


Industry Craftsman

Garment, Iron , Jeweler,
Brass, pottery, Handycraft, Tile and brick, Carving, etc.


Retail , Pavement, Day Fair


Three-Wheelers, Private Buses, School vans.

Those engaged in the fishing Industry

Participants directly in fishing industry


Lawyers, Accountants

Nevertheless, a government servant  drawing  a pension and a person below 18 years of age are not eligible   to obtain membership  under this scheme.  Although there is no maximum age limit to obtain the membership, a member who is 70 years of age or above is not entitled the benefits and would receive only the annual interest and dividends in respect of contributions.

Payment of contributions


    ☛ By making arrangement for the transfer of the relevant monthly contribution through a standing order with bank where the member maintains an account.

    ☛ By making the arrangement to send the contribution to the Head Office through a relative of the member who resides in Sri Lanka, in cash or a Cheque drawn in favor of the EMPLOYEE’S TRUST FUND BOARD.In all above instances it is compulsory that the name and N.I.C Number is informed to the Board.


    ☛ Contributions can be paid in cash at a any branch of People’s Bank through our Current Account No 119100180000287. It is compulsory to mention the N.I.C Number and the Name of the member on the slip, When payment is done.

    ☛ By crossed cheque issued in favor of Employees’ Trust Fund Board. And to be delivered to the self Employment Section at the Head office by post or by hand or payment cash at this Section.

    ☛ By Money order with the Office of payment as Colombo Labour Secretariat post Office.

    ☛ By payment of cash at the nearest Area Business Office or District Office, or to our Field Officer.

    ☛ The payment can be made through a standing order given to your Bank as well. In all ii,iii,iv,v, instances above it is compulsory that the name and the membership number is informed to the Board

    ☛ The societies affiliated with the Head Office Self Employment Section may credit the money at any branch of Commercial Bank to our Commercial Bank current Account no.1220003370 and inform the names of members, relevant contribution for each member, membership numbers including the name of the Commercial Bank Branch ,where the money was credited to us by Fax message. In addition, these details should be provided to us by post.

Cessation from Membership

Any member  is free to cease from being a member at any moment of time , he or she ceases to be Self Employed or ceases to be unemployed outside Sri-Lanka, while claiming the balance (Total deposited money with the interest and dividends) due to him or her, by tendering a duly completed application (Form SE-D for Self Employed members and Form MW-D for Migrant Worker member) for cessation from Membership.
The person leaving the Membership  may apply for  re-entry, on a future date, under a new Membership number.Our concept is “To encourage migrant workers and Self Employed persons for compulsory savings”.

Obtaining Of Membership and Payment of Membership Contributions

Membership can be obtained by forwarding a duly  completed Application Form SE-A for self employed and Form MW-A for migrant workers  to   the Head Office, Area Business Office, District Office or  a Field  Officer, alone with the contribution for membership.
Applicants who E-mail their applications should make arrangements to send their first month contribution to the following address.

Every member who obtain  Membership would be issued with a Certificate of Membership without delay.

Contributions and Method of Payment

Benefits, Interest and Dividend

At the end of year, annual interest and dividend Would  be created  to the account of each individual member.  A membership  statement  of  Account would be  issued to member before 30th September every year which contains details of annual interest, His account balance etc.
If any member fails to make the due payment of contributions for 3 months, in a row, or for 5 months off and on during one specific  year, he or she forfeits his or her entitlement for the interest and dividend for the relevant year.
Requests for benefits may be made by tendering the relevant form  to the Self Employment   Section of the Head Office, handing them over to the  Business Offices , or District Officers or through Field Officers. Payment of benefits is under  the conditions laid down by the Benefits Administration Section.
The benefits in force at present are, Automatic Life Insurance Cover (subject to maximum of Rs. 50,000/-) Permanent & Total  Disability Benefit (subject to a maximum of Rs.200,000/-). Financial Assistance for Heart-Surgery (Rs.300,000/-) Financial Assistance  for Kidney Trans plant operation (Rs. 300,000/-), Re- imbursement of Intra Ocular Lens Implant (Rs. 15,000/- for each eye),  9000 Scholarships of Rs.15,000/- each  will be awarded to  Children who get through the year Five Scholarship examination with merit. Hospitalized Medical Insurance Scheme, annually subject to a maximum of Rs. 25,000/-.The maximum amount in that  can be obtained during the membership period is Rs. 50,000/-, Housing Loan  Scheme.

Activating the inactive Members

In respect of a Member if the nearest payment is in arrears, he is regarded as an inactive member. Such inactive members can acquire the activate status by paying the due arrears.